Instagram Hacks: About 31 Tools and Tricks You Possibly Didn’t Familiar With

Want to level up the Insta game? By using these tools and tricks, everyone will be gramming as a pro at an instant…

Basic Instagram hacks

  1. Don’t look at the stories or posts from accounts which you just follow & don’t like

If you filled up to see the ferret videos of your aunt and have fear to get her hurt by an unfollow act. Then the solution is here. Just give a mute on her account!

How can you do it?

First Method:

  1. GO to that account to which you want to give a mute
  2. Now press the FollowingKey
  3. Then click at
  4. You can select from here that whether you want to mute stories or posts
  5. You can easily mute stories and posts by holding and pressing over a story show in your account.

Second Method:

  1. Select the post of that person from your feed which you want to mute. At the top corner of the right hand of post-press the three small dots
  2. Now click mute
  3. You can select from here that whether you want to mute stories or posts
  4. You can easily mute stories and posts by holding and pressing over a story show in your account.

  1. Reorder filters

Remain in touch with Amaro and keep Nashville invisible by modifying your filter options’ menu.

How can you do it?

  1. Go to the Filter, when posting a video or a photo
  2. Now Scroll down till the end of the filters and then tap Manage
  3. Press and also hold over the three-line iconthat is next to each filter over screen’s left side to unhide or hide filters
  4. Click at Doneto save settings.  

3. See the liked posts:

Have a look over all of your past photos’ likes.

How can you do it?

  1. Open your Instagram Profile
  2. At the right-hand top corner click the hamburger menuto open
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Then Tap the Account
  5. Now tap the Posts that you liked.

4. Clear Instagram search history

Rest assure nobody can ever find out that you have been searching for “Mr. Clean shirt off’s photos” by cleaning your search history.

How can you do it?

  1. Open your Instagram Profile
  2. At the right hand, top corner click the hamburger menuto open
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Now tap Security
  5. Scroll down till the end, then tap the icon Search Historyor Clear Search History. 
  6. Make a Setup of notifications for some other accounts

You can add alerts for the account you like most and never want to miss even a single post from your Japanese mascot favorite fan page next time.

How can you do it?

  1. Visit the profile page on which you want notifications
  2. Now press the Following button
  3. Then select the Notifications
  4. Toggle over the content you would like to get notifications about: Stories, Posts, Live Videos or IGTV

5. Make shortcuts for the same kind of responses

Users of iOS can make auto-complete based comments to respond to the same kind of questions, and in this way, save their precious seconds. As Time is money, folks!

How can you do it?

  1. Open your profile; first tap over the hamburger menu& then tap Settings.
  2. After that, Tap the Creatoricon and then tap Quick Replies.
  3. After that, Tap the New Quick Reply
  4. Select a phrase or a few words which can be used as Shortcut (like, Opening Hours).
  5. Then in the section of Message, type the general response you want to create (like, “Hello! We’re available for any kind of services during the period of Full Moon!”.).
  6. Now tap Save
  7. Whenever you would like to answer that specific statement, type your shortcut then this full phrase will be automatically populated by your phone.

6. Bookmark Instagram favorite posts

Just think about the “Collections” that are in the form of digital scrapbooks and save here in your Instagram’ favorite posts.

How can you do it?

  1. Go to your favorite post that you want to save
  2. Tap iconthe bookmark appears under the post which you would like to save
  3. It’ll be added automatically in the form of generic collection, Yet if you want to send this collection to any specific person then select Save Collection; from which you can choose from existing collection and tap on the + iconto form a new one
  4. To look at your saved collections and posts, visit your Instagram profile and click on the hamburger menu& then click on

7. Remove old Instagram posts (without permanent deletion)

You can easily hide your old posts through an “Archive” function; same as of Instagram correspondent of a Disney vault.

How can you do it?

  1. Tap on the post’s top that you would like to remove
  2. Then select the Archive
  3. Go to your Instagram profile then tap icon the hamburger in the right-hand top corner to review all the archived posts
  4. Tap Archive
  5. Click on Archive at screen’s top to see either stories or posts
  6. If you would like to restore all content to public profile then just tap on Show on Profile & it’ll appear into its original place.
  7. Limit your Instagram screen time

Just as you scroll always it doesn’t mean that you ought to. Save yourself actually from yourself through an Instagram’s daily built-in timer.

How can you do it?

  1. Open your profile and tapon the hamburger menu
  2. Tap on Your Activitythen Set a Daily Reminder
  3. Select a value of time then tap on Set Reminder

Instagram hacks for Video and photo sharin

8. Create breaks between lines with your Instagram caption

Easily control pacing among the caption through using the trick of line breaks.

How can you do it?

  1. Edit the photo which you want to use and go on the caption screen
  2. Then write about your caption
  3. Tap the 123 keys of the keyboard of your device
  4. Now use Return that will create breaks in your caption

Note: As a new line will be started by the breaks, they cannot create the space that you will see among two paragraphs. To add a break in a paragraph, just write about the photo caption in the notes app of your phone and copy that phrase to Instagram. If you want to break lines furthermore then try to use dashes, bullet points, and other punctuations.

9. In advance set up your posts

Prepare your material to post at times of premium through using Hootsuite’s Instagram scheduling tool.

How you can do it?

10. Make Posts on Instagram from your personal computer

Took some pictures of your pet (e.g., cat) dressed like a David Bowie on your personal computer? Just skip an additional step of sending these pictures to your cell phone before you would like to show that to the whole world(hi? We are looking at you!)

It depends upon your computer’s operating system; you can use a few tools to post to Instagram from your computer. Yet, one of these tools is Hootsuite. Since our Composer still has to resize and editing functionality, making this process of publishing smooth like butter.

How can you do it?

  • Watch the above video!

11. Select a cover image for the video

Since your hair seemed to be looking cute into your creating video for ten seconds and you want the whole world to get familiar with. So, here is the way how to choose the still which kicks off the vid.

How can you do it?

  1. Create a tool of graphic design like Canva to generate a full intro image, and place at the end or the start of the video with an editing software
  2. Now touch the +button at the end of  the screen to create a new video or choose it from the Library
  3. Next, tap on the Cover
  4. From stills’ selection choose an intro image.

12. Hide Instagram comments from the feed

“A picture is worth a thousand words”—since do you want other folks including to the chat? Here’s you can learn how to keep a section of comment quiet.

How can you do it?

  1. Open your profile and choose menu the hamburger from the top right corner then tap Settings
  2. Now Tap Privacy
  3. And Tap Comments
  4. After that, for specific phrases and words set the Manual Filters, or choose to Hide Offensive Commentsto auto-filter the rude language
  5. Though you can’t restrict comments from your profile, yet you can restrict comments over a particular post by clicking on Advanced Settings & then Turn off Commentingwhen you’re going to make a posting.

Instagram hacks for Story

13. Record hands-free video

Mode of Hands-free is much more than an Instagram low maintenance Boyfriend. Loyal, Takes the instruction well. Reliable, Loving.

How can you do it?

  1. Swipe at the right side from your screen to open an Instagram Story camera
  2. Swipe from options appear at a side of the screen—regular, Rebound, etc.—and end at the recording option of Hands-Free
  3. Then Tap the  button recordat the screen’s end to start recording
  4. To stop the recording, either let  run out maximum time or touch again the button capture

14. Hide a content or story from particular users

This is for everybody who wants to enjoy the hilarious prank which you enrobed Daryl in the accounting instead of your boss.

How can you do it?

First Method

  1. Open your profile then tap menu the hamburger.
  2. Now tap Settings.
  3. Then tap Privacy & Story
  4. After that, tap the Hide Story From
  5. Choose those people to whom you want to hide the story, then tap on the checkmark symbol (Android) or Done (iOS)
  6. To expose your hidden story from somebody simple tap on the blue checkmark and unselect them.

Second Method

You can select the people to whom you want to hide your story the same as you are seeing at who are seen to your story.

  1. Tap on the three dots just to the right side of the name and choose Hide Story From[Username].
  2. From somebody hiding the story is different as compared to get the block, and doesn’t stop them from looking at your post and profile.
  3. Use different fonts on the stories

Why Instagram doesn’t allow you to use a Jokerman font, we might never understand. Yet where there is a wildly planned ’90s serif, there makes the way.

 How can you do it?

  1. The open tool of fonts. A lot of options are there in your browser e.g., io: be cautious with the third-party keyboard font apps which can check everything that you ty, yet!
  2. Write your message in your choice of font tool
  3. Choose the font that you want
  4. Now copy and paste the text into your Instagram story (although this works for Insta profile posts and bios captions, too)

15. Modify the cover which highlights your story

Display your highlights through a new and fresh image.

How can you do it?

  1. Tap on the highlight & then tap on Edit Highlight
  2. Now tap the Edit Cover
  3. Choose your picture from the camera roll
  4. Write with all rainbows’ colors

Change the types of single letters, or harness the rainbow’ magic with this sly trick for color the world.

How can you do it?

  1. Touch the icon of a camera on the left side top corner to make a new story
  2. Then choose to Create
  3. Write the message, then which portion of text you want to be change or color select that
  4. Hold your thumb or left finger over an end cursor
  5. Hold your thumb or right finger on the color on which you would like to end out.
  6. Then, slide your both fingers at the right side together where your left hand is highlighting the text on one time whereas your right finger is altering each section’s color selection.

16. Add more pictures to a Story

To who for which one snapshot of DIY macramé bikini dog per post is not sufficient.

How can you do it?

  1. Open an image from your gallery and press the button Export
  2. Now tap Copy
  3. Then open the Instagram Stories as well as double-tap over your screen to choose theoption Paste

Instagram hacks for profile and bio 

17. Hide the picture on which you are tagged in

If you don’t want the world to know that your friends’ feed is full of pictures of Margarita Monday adventures

How can you do it?

  1. Open your profile
  2. Now tap the individual in a box icon under your bio to go towards tab photos of you
  3. Now tap the picture which you would like to delete from your Instagram profile
  4. Then tap the icon three dotsin the top right corner and choose Tag Options
  5. After that, choose Hide from My Profile  or Remove Me From Post

Note: You can stop tagged in pictures from showing on your Instagram profile. Go to the tab Photos of You and choose any picture. Then, choose Edit on the right top corner. You can here toggle the Manually Approve Tags.

18. Create line breaks into bio

Break down the text block and appealingly share your information visually.

How can you do it?

  1. Open the notes app & type your bio — including line breaks
  2. Select all writing and then Copy
  3. Now open an Instagram app
  4. Then tap the icon profile imageto have a look on your profile
  5. Then tap the button Edit Profile
  6. Now Paste full text to biofield from the notes app
  7. At last tap the Doneto save changes
  8. Show your bio in additional search results

Slipup any keyword for your service or business in the field “name” in your bio then you‘ll be most likely to come up into search results of that particular industry.

How can you do it?

  1. Tap ontop right corner ‘icon Edit Profile of your profile
  2. In the section Name, make changes to the text to include the keywords
  3. Then, tap on the right top corner of the screen,

19. Use specific fonts and add specific characters on your profile

Making your profile more interesting by using some fun fonts or using impeccable wingding is easy like copy-paste. (Note: utilizing specific characters cautiously to accommodate availability!  Not all available tools will be capable to interpret rightly).

How can you do it?

  1. Open a Google or Word doc
  2. Enter your bio. To add a specific character click on insert & Advanced Symbol
  3. Now, Includes the icons to where you want them to add in a bio
  4. Then open your profile in your web browser and click on the Edit Profile.
  5. In the end, Copy & paste the bio from Google doc or Word to your bio then tap the
  6. Switch towards a business profile

Declare yourself as the service provider or businessman on Instagram officially provides you with a lot of advantages such as getting insights and running ads. If you own a brand then for what are you waiting?

How can you do it?

  1. Open your profile then tap one menu the hamburger
  2. Then tap Settings
  3. Then tap Account
  4. Then tap to the Switch to Business Account
  5. It is highly recommended for you to connect your Facebook page with your business page of Instagram which is related to your business activities. In this way, all the features available for business can easily be utilized. Moreover, just one Facebook page is entitled to be connected to the Instagram business account.
  6. Then add details like your accounts’ of the business category along with content information
  7. At the last, tap Done

Instagram hacks for hashtags

20. Find out the top hashtags to be used on Instagram

including hashtags in your post is key When you would like to be exposed. Here is the solution of how to get you from the ones who are best fit to get the content that is, Stars are born moment.

How can you do it?

  1. Choose the icon magnifying glassto see the tab Explore
  2. Write in the keyword and also tap the column Tags
  3. From a list select the hashtag
  4. After that, you will go to the page which contains hashtag posts
  5. Above the “Recent” and “Top” sections of the page, the bar labeled as “Related” appears there. Then the Instagram displays a relevant hashtags’ list which you can put down for inspiration or (further research).

21. Follow your Instagram favorite hashtags

Got excited to see your favorite in the news feed and never want to miss latest #NailArt masterpiece (Are those looks…. Nails of Tom and Jerry)

How can you do it?

  1. Choose the icon magnifying glassto see the tab Explore
  2. Write the hashtag that you would like to follow
  3. Click on thebutton Follow on a hashtag page

22. Hide hashtags in stories and on posts

Yes, you discovered by your hashtags but they also serve as the visual clutter. (Or only seem like little….. thirsty). Here you can learn how to get advantages without compromising on your style.  

How can you do it?

First Method

  1. An easy method to hide the hashtags is not to get them to caption altogether and just add them below the post in your comment.  
  2. Your hashtag can safely be hidden into the comment section when you got a new comment.

Second Method

The second method is to use hashtags separately from caption through burying then under an inundation of lines breaks.

  1. First, tap the key123 when to compose a caption
  2. Then choose Return
  3. Enter the punctuation piece (whether a dash, bullet or period), then click on Return again
  4. Repeat the steps as a minimum of five times from 2 to 4
  5. Instagram hides the captions next to three lines since your hashtags could not be seen until or unless your follower taps over more options of your post.

Instagram hacks for direct messaging

23. Turn off the status of your activity

You don’t want to let people know about your online or offline status: so maintain the mystery’ aura!

How can you do it?

  1. Open your profile then tap the hamburger menuafter which you tap on Settings
  2. Then tap on Privacy
  3. Then tap on Activity Status
  4. After that toggle off the Activity Status
  5. Send the disappearing material to your friends

Create, videos, Boomerangs, or photos that appear here today, gone tomorrow along with Direct Messaging.

How you can do it?

  1. Open the home screen, then tap on the top left icon of the screen, the camera, or swipe to the right side to open a camera. Or open the Instagram Direct through tapping at the top right side of the screen on the icon the paper airplane, then tapping in the top left side on the icon the camera
  2. Shoot a video, photo, or Boomerang
  3. Then Edit it in the form you want
  4. Now Tap on the > icon at the right bottom of the screen
  5. Select your receiver OR tap the sign +to generate a new chat group
  6. Now tap at end of the screen, Send.

Note: If you choose many recipients and not creating any group, then each one will send you a similar message separately.

24. Edit pictures of a friend

How can you show your friend that you care for? You add weird emojis over their pictures. Here we will tell you how to edit the pal’s picture.

How can you do it?

  1. When seeing the picture message of your friend the tap icon, the cameraand add a reply  
  2. The reply will be a sticker
  3. Now resize and move it and also add a new twist on stickers, drawings, and texts.
  4. Rest assured, to send a message with the setting at the bottom icon, Allow Replayso your fellows or friends can remake your picture.