Wanna Learn to Get Instagram Followers For Free: 35 Ways that Works

The effective way to use Instagram needs to form a strong base of followers. Yet it’s not simple enough…

The effective way to use Instagram needs to form a strong base of followers. Yet it’s not simple enough, as the brands need to determine that how can they make this thing happen.

The other shortcut ways like using bots or buying followers are not more work. By using these tricks you may increase the number of followers for a short period, but it will not work for you on log-run.

That’s because the real people are just the truly Instagram followers who remain engaged with the brand. The act of increasing the followers’ count falsely may boost or satisfy your ego, but it will not help in the Instagram strategy.

How to get followers on Instagram for free

  1. Have a focused Instagram strategy

A clear plan is required for the effective use of any social network.

It is not an essay goal to attain the maximum number of Instagram followers. This aspect must also keep in mind that followers are not the only thing that provides us with a successful Instagram profile. Gaining more followers must be the part of a bigger plan which links to your social marketing objectives and business strategy.

First, find out the reasons why you need to get more followers on Instagram. What do you want to accomplish? You maybe wanted to:

  • Increase awareness about your brand
  • Boost product sales
  • Drive flow of traffic towards your website

When you stay focused over this type of business-oriented goal then you will be able to keep your account consistent. It helps you to build such a compelling story for your brand which appeals to new visitors on your profile and that in turn, helps in building loyal followers.

  1. Determine your target market or audience

You must ask some questions from yourself regarding which audience you want to reach:

  • Of which age are they?
  • From which location would they come from?
  • What are the things they do for doing work?
  • How and when do these people use Instagram?
  • What are their challenges and pain points?

By answering all these questions you will be able to craft the right type of content on Instagram to reach those people who intend to become followers of your account. This thing keeps you in touch with the requirements of your targeted audience. In this way, you can deliver that content which enforces them to keep you following in the long-run.

  1. Create a visually appealing and systematic brand story

You may satisfy the curiosity of the audience by showing off the product development process. Or you may share the perspective of an employee of how you take steps to humanize the brand. If you are wanted to do the positioning of your brand in an aspiring way, you can try to showcase your customers’ achievements or lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter what you wish to accomplish; it is significant to maintain brand look or brand personality in a consistent way

Your posts need to be easily identifiable at once. Your grid of Instagram should be appearing as a cohesive unit. Since you can use the Instagram account stories to share material that does not suitable look wise in your basic feed.

Even though if your product is not the same look wise, you can give your Instagram grid a consistent feel and look though using consistent styling, like the same is done  @themillerswifecustomcookies.

Source: @themillerswifecustomcookies on Instagram

  1. Use the most relevant keywords to discover in searches

Before becoming a follower on Instagram for you, people need to search for you. A lot of text cannot be searchable on Instagram. The “name” and the “user name” are the two fields that mainly contributed towards the Instagram search results.

Your username works as your Instagram handle. Hence, it is not a bad idea to maintain the consistency of handle which you also use for other social media networks; this makes it very easy for the people to search for you. Use a variation relating to your name or brand name which people are likely to use while finding your brand name.

There is no restriction on selecting a name which may be of about 30 characters. Stuffing of keyword is not a good idea, but it can work to add the most relatable keyword in the field of name to develop discoverability based upon search.

For instance, Claudia Laroye a travel writer (@thetravellingmom) adds the keyword “travel writer” into her Instagram account name, increasing the chance to be discovered through those who are looking for the travel writer in particular and content on travel in general.

Source: @thetravellingmom on Instagram

  1. Reach to new customers by using relevant hashtags

We described earlier that the text included in posts of Instagram cannot be searched. But the Instagram search can find out hashtags that mean thoughtful use of hashtags can be an excellent way to boost Instagram followers for free.

The addition of relevant hashtags helps people to search your content after clicking the hashtag from others’ relevant posts. The users of Instagram can follow the hashtags as well, in this way your hashtag content may show in other people’s feed who yet don’t become your follower.

About 30 hashtags can be included in one Instagram post, but that hashtags become more effective which are created on quality instead of on quantity. Some experimenting needs to find out how many or which hashtags are more helpful to your account.

Avoid hashtag tricks like #tagsforlikes, #followme, or #likeforlike. These only gave you a short term boost for Instagram followers and they are more likely to works as bots. So the people are more interested in being following back. It will not help you create an engaged and meaningful community over Instagram.

Therefore, you should use high targeted hashtags which only define your product, business, or a photo like in the following #wfh shot, Dee Campling did.

  1. Create a great profile and bio

Two-thirds (2/3) of visits on Instagram business account are of non-followers. All the new visitors have the potential to create free followers on Instagram —but only when your profile and bio persuade them to do so. If your Instagram profile is incomplete, unappealing, or unclear then they will not do so.

Along with your username and name field as described above, your Instagram profile also includes your bio and your website (contains the clickable link).

At least, 150 characters should include while writing your bio to convey about your product/brand identity to show the new visitors that why should they follow you. Which type of material or content do they want to see from your account?

The bio showed in the following image is of @abstractaerialart that sums up the promise and purpose of the account in an easy to digest and quick way.

Source: @abstractaerialart on Instagram

If anybody from you needs a professional profile (creator or business), then you can add extra information regarding your profile such as your business type, location, and contact information. Make sure to fill all fields relevant to your business profile to get new visitors to make your followers by providing them all the information which they need

  1. Share high-quality, engaging content

It seems to be too apparent to mention, but you need to understand this critical point when you want to get more Instagram followers. Each post over your Instagram account grid has to be visually appealing and of high quality.

Whenever new visitors see your Instagram account, its content should grab the viewer in a way that they want to see it again and again. That’s the thing which enforces new visitors to become a follower of your profile.

Good content motivates people to share, like, and comment on your posts. This type of engagement provides you with the Instagram algorithm boost as well as helps you to get more followers.

And, obviously, consistently posting good content ensures that your followers remain to stay with you as followers.

  1. Add compelling captions

Though Instagram considered serving as a visual platform, so writing good Instagram captions have a big part in getting more engagement and reach. So, you have known that engagement and reach are the basic factors for attracting free followers on Instagram.

For this purpose, some basic strategies which should be kept in mind are described here:

  • Place the keywords in front. If a caption increases from 125 characters, the user will have to see more. Therefore, making engaging content from start enforce user for an extra tap.
  • Ask any questions.This makes it easy for the audience to leave the comment. Through this strategy, your profile becomes visible to more audiences.
  • Use emoji.Emoji make any content more eye-catching and the most appropriate factor for especially this kind of visual social media network.
  • Use caption of different lengths.Instagram provides long length captions of more than 2,200 characters, thus you can analyze with some thorough storytelling if your content length permits it. However, some-short captions may also be effective when it’s visually appealing.

Will Hint of Going the Awesome Places add great pictures with in-depth captions that tell full behind the scene’s story. Since his Instagram bio defines him as the “creator of outrageously detailed guides and itineraries,” this caption tactic is effective on-brand.

  1. Pinup your top comments

Pinup the three comments in each post are from one of the newest features of Instagram. There are many ways through which you can make this feature as an important factor of your strategy of getting more Instagram followers.

One choice is that you can use pinned comments for an increasing caption from more than 2,200 characters through continuing a story into the comments. In this way, you can take your audience into more in-depth detail and storytelling that quite fit in some accounts.

One more option is there through which you can pin up your favorite comment from other users, specifically when they tend to create lots of engagement.

Any way that you use in this feature, it helps you in managing a conversation over your posts and generating more chances for connection and engagement.

  1. By using other social network promote your account of Instagram

An important method to gain free Instagram followers is to make things easy for people to search for you.

Your profile of Instagram should be discoverable easily. If you already kept a huge following on some other networks then let your fans of those networks know regarding your Instagram profile.

You just have to post the link on your Instagram profile so that your existing followers can check you on this new platform (such as an Instagram special coupon code, contest, or event).

When BlogHer presented Jameela Jamil for an Instagram Live, then they also promoted it on their page of Facebook. The goal is of at least 12 posts.

Your other social channels could also highlight your best posts on Instagram. Consider boosting these posts by the paid aids campaign to assured that many of your Twitter, Facebook, and other network’ followers make your search and follow over Instagram.

  1. Embedded posts of Instagram into your blog

You have also seen many embedded posts of Instagram in our blog. All the embedded posts are clickable here which allows its users to go directly to its relevant post or an Instagram profile.

So embedding your posts of Instagram into your blog is an easy approach to display your content and drive the traffic to the profile of your Instagram. Yet, we have also discussed earlier that each new visitor to Instagram account becomes a potential new follower on Instagram.

For example, we say that this blog is about LinkedIn demographics. (This is not the case but obviously, we have the blog post on LinkedIn demographics.) Thus, to share the most important details of demographics; we need to include an info-graphic for it.

Or, we may embed the post of Instagram instead, like that:

Any time when you going to share your visual content such as charts, infographics, or photos in the blog, there remains a chance to embed the post of Instagram along with that content in its place.

  1. Post content which requires being share again

Though you are thinking regarding content that may help you to illustrate your posts of the blog, also think of the content which other people may also wish to take advantage too through sharing.

People like to share an excellent infographic, thus it can be a very good choice. If somebody embeds your posts of Instagram in his/her blog, then you may expose to whole new viewers or potential followers.

Also, keep in mind about creating content that people may want to share again in their stories of Instagram. Any individual can re-share your basic feed posts into the story. This is also clickable, thus anyone who wishes to see more can click over to your new post. It is one more way to increase your search for new potentials followers or audiences.

For instance, this is how the Hootsuite to post relating to LinkedIn demographics’ being seen when it shared with my Insta story.

Source: Instagram

  1. Share your profile with other channels

Think outside of the box when sharing your Instagram profile.

Get assures to link your Instagram profile with your website, in your newsletter online and email signature. The link also doesn’t need to be big, as you can use a very small Instagram icon.

If you try to promote your new Instagram profile, a fast email flash highlighting some amazing posts is the best way of getting free Instagram followers quickly.

Don’t overlook your offline content. Posters, business cards, packaging, coasters, and packing slips are all the potential materials to be shared on your Instagram account, an easy way to make more Instagram followers.

  1. Use nametag on Instagram

Your nametag on Instagram is a scan-able code that let the Instagram users instantly follow you. It has been said earlier to you that offline communications content offers you an opportunity for promotion of your Instagram profile. The nametag feature of Instagram is an effective and easy way for promoting your profile on online content like signage, product packaging, and packing tips.

Source: Instagram

Your nametags provide a big chance to get free followers at conferences and networking events in real-time. People to whom you connect personally can easily scan your nametag code without typing your handle to follow you. Try to printing out it and inserting it in your name badge for easy access.

Search your nametag of Instagram through tapping on an icon containing three lines at the right top corner of your profile and then choosing Nametag.

  1. Intended to get featured

A featured profile is such an Instagram account that re-shares the content of other users based on the tagging or hashtag. Among these, some accounts have a big fan base or following, and sharing any of your posts by having them into your handle can make a new thread of free Instagram followers in your way.

A featured account is available for every interest group or niche on Instagram. You can begin to unveil them when you perform the hashtag search, as mentioned in the number 5 tip. Some of those hashtags are quite specific.

For instance, @damngoodstitch featured embroidery posts. This account contains up to 145,000 followers.

  1. The objective of an Explore tab

An explore tab can be seen when you tap on the icon of the magnifying glass at the bottom of an Instagram app. According to Instagram itself, it is the place where you find videos and photos which may be liked from such accounts that are not followed yet.

An explore tab gets featured on the IGTV, Instagram posts, and stories. Users first look at the content grid which is chosen by an algorithm. Then they have an option to select to go in-depth into a particular content subject by using the topic network at the screen’s top.

Half of the accounts of Instagram visit the Explore tab each month. It’s a big opportunity for the brands that look to grow an audience.

Thus, how do you acquire your material or content to be appearing on an Explore tab? That’s not an easy task.  Fortunately, we’ve found out an entire article that can help you to figure out it.

You may also pay for an ad posting to get into an Explore feed through choosing the Explore.

Source: Instagram

  1. Tag your site or location

The element of location or site is clear in your story or post; it is worth it to add a site or location tag. It is another easy way to find your profile on Instagram for people.

If your brand or business has the physical location, get this thing ensured to get it tagged and motivate customers to also do that. Then users can tap on that site or location and see all stories and photos which are posted from your office, restaurant, and store. It can help you to show your brand through the Instagram platform to many other people.

For instance, when you search to find the location in Amsterdam named “Van Wonderen Stroopwafels” then you get the same as you can see in the following image.

Source: Instagram

If you make posts from an event or conference by adding the location you can connect with many other attendees, in this way also showing you profile to the highly targeted audiences that can make potentially new Instagram followers.

  1. Tag to relevant users

You can use the tagging functionality of Instagram in your post or can tag the users of Instagram featured within your pictures with the @-mention in the caption. They can receive the notification from either way, whenever you do it.

Tagging someone motivates them and gets them engaged with a post and also gets them to share it with their following as well. Your post can also appear on the tab “Tagged in” of the Insta profile.

Moreover, you could tag to relevant followers in your account’ Stories. Yet they could also share it again to their story using simple taps. When they do it, everybody who sees their story also sees your name or username and make a click on your account.

We have described to you earlier that you must only tag the relevant users. Tag to somebody for just getting their attention does not consider being a good idea. So, it’s good to tag only those who are relevant to your post’ content or feature within your picture.

Some possibly relevant users who might let to tag include:

  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Employees or colleagues
  • Other relating businesses
  • Someone to whom you learn a skill or  who told you regarding something that you share into your post
  • Anybody who found in the picture
  1. Motivate others for tagging you

One more way to get your profile recognized to a new audience is that you can ask other users for tagging. Then you get tagged in by their post, their followers can see your handle or may click on your content to learn more.

The factor of bio is a big thing in your Instagram for which you can ask people to get you tagged.

For example, The Instagrammer belongs to the USA is ask to be tagged to get a chance to feature on their profile.

Source: @visittheusa on Instagram

  1. Follow relevant Instagram accounts

You should tag according to the people’s interests or you should tag people on Instagram only when you have relevant content for a specific type of audience. Yet it is not the case in becoming a follower as you can follow anybody to which to want. When you follow any user on Instagram then there becomes a chance that they will see your feed.

If your newsfeed infilled with the compelling content which is relevant to of their interests then they most probably return to your favor.

Social listening is also an important thing to search for making a conversation with your brand. From there, anyone can easily find out influential users to follow. It’s also making a sense to follow to followers of top users too.

The “Suggested For You” portion is also a big resource of finding the relevant profiles to follow. It appears on the right-hand side of a screen in your feed among posts.

You can access the suggestion on Instagram as well when going through your account. Then clicking on the three bars at the right top corner and clicking on Discover People. You can find the list of famous Instagram profiles over here depend on your account’s algorithm.

One thing is important in following that one should not follow a lot of accounts at once or quickly. For credibility, the follower ratio is significant. The follower ratio means the total people who have followed you as compared to the total people to whom you follow.

Since don’t try to play this trick where you follow the people for getting their attention, then do them un-follow when they also follow you. It is really bad for your reputation on Instagram, as it is the jerk move.

  1. Get involved with the existing communities

Similar to all other social netwroks, the Instagram platform also has built-in communities within it. So, you have to get involved with existing communities.

You can get engaged through sharing, liking, and, commenting on content from many other credible users within your community.  Try to avoid the generic comments (such as “Awesome post!”) which look like that they type from bots.

It helps to draw attention (for new potential followers) into two ways:

  1. When you comment and like on other’s posts then people get notified and they may check back your profile in your favor.
  2. Some people when read your comment only check your profile back when they find the content intriguing or thoughtful
  3. Work in a niche with influencers

For everybody, here is a significant stat about getting Instagram Followers. About 60% of consumers tell that they only follow any brand identity on Instagram when it got promoted to an influence to which they trust.

  1. Work together with some other brands

Don’t hesitate to take the step for collaborating if you find a way by which you can join with your similar kind of organization on Instagram. A good collaboration can help both organizations by getting more followers.

Keep in mind other businesses or brands by which you have already collaborated through other ways, such as in the shopping area or an improvement association of a local business. How can you join each other over Instagram?

One choice includes hosting a program that features the product of multiple companies like Annika Mang did in collaboration with Rocky Mountain Soap Company of @borntobeadventurous.

  1. Add Instagram Stories

We already mentioned the stories in a lot of tips earlier, yet it is worth it to make this feature specifically. Simply add content into Instagram stories if you wish for free Instagram followers. Half a billion Instagram accounts add stories daily and forty-five percent of most visited stories are of businesses.

People who add stories consider being highly engaged. Instagram stats said that one in three of the stories has resulted in the form of a direct message.

Using the location features and hashtags into stories to show those users who still do not follow you, it is yet an underused method of getting free Instagram followers.

  1. Use the interactivity features

Instagram Stories provide us with a lot of interactivity features to get motivated users like chat stickers, questions, and polls. Poling stickers boost views on vide of three-second in 90%  beta campaigns of Instagram for interactivity feature.

Source: Instagram

If the users see your story as a result of page location or hashtag, that instant chance of getting his/her involvement is a big way to get them to engage or learn regarding your brand through giving you free follow.

  1. Make the Stories highlights

Stories highlights provide you a chance to present your business brand to the people who view your profile. Fill those highlight by large content and info to display new visitors of correctly why should they click on Follow.

Make good use of cover photos on your highlights. Porter Airlines do a good job by using custom icons that feature the cute mascot.

Source: @porterairlines on Instagram

  1. Try Live Collaboration on Instagram

Instagram is an appropriate place for taking advantage of the live video. This sets a trend that continues to rise over social media. By using interactive features like comments and questions, you can motivate viewers, so by generating more motivation and engagement you can boost your followers.

Live videos show in the story of your brand, you can also vanish it, select to keep it accessible for replay over your 24 hours’ story; or include it into IGTV. Users can get notified when a profile which they follow starts to broadcast live and it grabs the attention of Instagram users.

If you want to take the live video before a new audience then use the option “Go live with a friend” to make co-host in video with any of your fellow from your industry. You may ask another individual to host your live video, where you will be invited as the guest. You two will appear over the split-screen, here you can introduce yourself with your followers.

In this period of COVID-19, the Instagrammers are using the creativity feature to host small- talk shows. For instance, Design Emergency also hosts one Instagram live chat weekly where they go live with the friend to find out basic figures of a design world, as well as the Wine Spectator, hosted a series that features winemakers.

  1. Try the series IGTV

The series that is described in a previous tip also showed their live video on IGTV.

IGTV videos are maybe more than one hour of length, letting you explore specific subjects in detail. You can easily make an IGTV series that engage visitors in such a way that they wish to follow your Instagram account instead of simply watching the video and move on.

IGTV posts can be seen about 4 times more than that of the pictures appear on an Explore tab that enforces new followers to be clicking on your account.

  1. Make the AR (Augmented Reality) filter

AR filters are used for the Instagram stories, which is the photo effects that Instagrammers use to modify their photos by their cell phone’s back and front cameras. As you can see those posts that contain puppy ears. These are done by using an AR filter. Those “which [pizza/emoji/vegetable/etc.] are you?” all these use AR Filters.

All users on Instagram can make an AR filter. The AR filter which you have created can go live with your Instagram account marked by the face icon. If your AR filter does not brander or promotional then it will show in effect gallery of Instagram stories, where an Instagrammer can search it.

How can creating an AR filter benefit you to get free Instagram followers? When anybody tries to use your filter, in the top left side corner your profile name appears. It can be clicked which can also drive more users into your account.

Source: @gucci on Instagram

  1. Post inconsistent way

Your previous followers wish to see new content or material from your page. This is the reason due to which they place you on first.

We have mentioned already that when followers interact with your posts, this increased involvement gives you a good algorithm benefit. Thus, providing your previous followers some new content helps you to bring new followers on Instagram too.

How many times should you place content on your profile? The analysis by Tailwind has found that regular posting can “grow your followers four times more as compared to posting less than one time in a week.

  1. Post at the right time

Instagram depends on an algorithm instead of a chronological feed. But, timing is quite significant, because it’s from one of the signs the algorithm ponders.

Unmetric worked with Hootsuite to examine the best time to post on Instagram depends on your field.

Consider your audience, to find out about the best time for posting. What does your audience typical day seem to be? When do they become more active on Instagram?

Start analysis numerous times and determining results. Like if you belong to the retail brand then you should test posting at times of lunch.

  1. Schedule your stories and posts

It may happen that the best time for a post on Instagram might not be a convenient time for you are on Instagram. You can use the social networking management tool such as   Hootsuite to publish and schedule straight on Instagram.

Arranging your posts earlier lets you work on a unified Instagram grid which states an all-encompassing story. It lets you donate time to generating excellent captions, instead of trying to rise with something amusing on the hover.

  1. Ride contests

Contests on Instagram helps to attain more followers if an entry-level process includes asked people to join you through following and commenting by tagging photos of your friend.

The friends to whom you tagged can also view your posts and may select you to follow you as well.

Engaging user-generated content can help in the form of a basic part of a contest to grab more followers. People can learn regarding your contest by seeing posts of their friends. It is an easy and reliable method to build up the trust of new followers as well as get a more eye-catching glimpse over your profile.

  1. Consider advertising on Instagram

It is not the exact way to attain free followers on Instagram. Yet Instagram ads are the powerful way of reaching to new followers, quickly through letting your content before people who can otherwise not view them.

And distinct buying followers, by using the Instagram ads is the perfectly authentic and real way to attain more followers on Instagram rapidly, with a minimum investment.

Target your viewers by demographics, locations, and key interests and behaviors. In this way, you can make the same type of audience to whom you already interact in your business.

By keeping feed aside, you can promote or advertise in an Explore feed and Instagram stories. For the complete information on how to make a post for an ad campaign on Instagram, find out this detailed Instagram ads guide.

  1. Learn from the Instagram Insights

Instagram analytics tools can provide you information relating to impressions for all posts, along with engagement, top posts, and reach level. Moreover, you can find about demographic details relating to your followers including age, location, and gender.

Reviewing this information daily helps you find the fields where you may modify your approach to help in getting more followers.

One basic thing on which must be kept in mind is that at what time your followers appear on Instagram so that you can add content when your follower is more likely to engage and see your posts.