The formation of Facebook automation software helps you to handle the tiresome maintenance for the Facebook page of your brand more efficiently.

Human beings are a better creation than robots for several things. Roller skating. Threading the needle. (for now) Kissing. But in particular examples, technology has beaten us. Here take the example of Facebook automation software and tools.

The formation of Facebook automation software helps you to handle the tiresome maintenance for the Facebook page of your brand more effectively and efficiently than a coordinator of social media networks could.

Uncle Ben of Spiderman and RuPaul have said  “Of course, with great power comes great responsibility”. Only because you automate every action on Facebook, it doesn’t mean that you should.

The best Facebook automation page is to streamline an administrative staff, hence you can emphasize which matters most: providing great and engaging content for followers.

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What’s bad about Facebook automation?

Bad Facebook automation feels or looks spammy.

Even if done with good intentions, these things can block you by users, the social network together.

Followers Buying

A very common thing to do (Rhianna did it!) but followers buying can give your account a tough time in Facebook

Artificially inflated profiles spot in seconds by using the auditing tools. When a thousand news users become your follower in only one go, then there is something which is not natural. But the fact is that they do not engage along with your posts or content.

The Facebook authority intends to make sure that its platform uses by genuine people. They now cracked down for automated followers than ever before.

Buying Followers considers as a violation of Facebook in terms of services. Followers buying results not only in deleting your fake friends but it may suspend your account.

Source: Instafollowers

The best social media rule: if you have sad behavior on an event, then you be sad online. You need to earn your fellows instead of buying them.

Cross-posting the automated messages through other networks

What works for a Twitter post doesn’t always work on FB.

Doubling a post can save time when you want to share the same message again. But when you cross-posting the automated message through other networks, then you have a risk of the sloppy post which can seem to be spammy. Broken links, inappropriate hashtags, or cropped images are not the things that inspire engagement.

The post showed below is of a fashion brand named Fate Clothing. Its cross-posting is done from an Instagram to Twitter, which was cut off on mid-way. Now see what is the Fate Clothing? And what is this all about?

Automating comments and likes

Letting the Facebook automation handle likes and comments are the same as buying a Starbucks card of $5 for your fellow on your wedding anniversary. That’s looked thoughtless and lazy (or might be dangerous).

In automating the comments and likes for your posts, you used to take the same response from this feature as of the robot. Think about what happens when anybody complains of your product or services or linking it with an unsavory thing.

Automating Direct Messages

Look up. Nobody says that please block me. It’s just like a general spam letter appearing unprovoked into your messages.

What’s good about Facebook automation?

The good thing about Facebook automation software is that it saves your time. It also enables you to focus on other things, like generating great content with interacting with your audience.

Scheduling messages

Creating messages for Facebook to schedule for later is a licit time-saving tactic.

since for automation when we talk about for Facebook is questionable, so, you need to automate when your post is on the smart move.

Continue with an ideal posts schedule is a challenge. It can donee by third-party schedule makers such as Hootsuite (we don’t want to miss it to mention here). Or you can also do it by yourself. You need to remember that scheduling is possible with only a Facebook for the Business Page at present.

Saving responses for FAQs

Having pre-composed replies ready to use for the common questions is efficient. (It’s a good way to make sure your customers that your conversation with them stays forward or not stop.

Every customer or fan is a precious and unique angel for you who deserves your individualized and utmost attention. Yet, the pre-composed replies help to get them in form of how they get a response. Hence it becomes a win-win thing.

For instance, if you owned a restaurant or cafeteria and you ask your audience whether do the “take out service” to them. So you received about 1,000 messages daily, then it can turn to be a beneficial tactic to your account.

Using search streams to find relevant users, topics, and content

Get a little help keeping track of all the news you need—including auto social searches by keywords, topics, hashtags, and users—with automated search streams.

For example, you could set up one stream to check your competitors’ posts, one for a branded hashtag created by your business, and another for influencers you work with.

Repurposing posts’ content from the other social media platforms for Facebook

You can use the third-party app of social media management to track all social platforms. Through it, you can easily and quickly assess or gain traction that which of your content going to be famous in the world. in this way, you may find inspiration for your post-Facebook from already used content.

, “repurposing” is not about copying and pasting the content from your other accounts’ feed. Facebook is termed as the unique beast where the audiences typically in search of a story that is educational and inspiring.

In this situation, automation helps you to find out the topical trends which you can create out there and form a story particularly for your crew of Facebook.

Using the chatbot for primary customer service dealings

It works the same as the saved responses for frequently asked questions. Chatbots help to handle the dirty and quick interactions to save your response to complex queries.

People interchange about 2 billion messages for businesses through Facebook Messenger every month. It looks that a lot of potential chat required: so why do you not plan to automate Facebook messages responses to filtering out an easy to process or automate requests such as appointment booking or delivery tracking.

When you used to increase human interaction than don’t replace that. The AI chatbots help her by improving service times and increasing customer satisfaction. Your Dream Team!

Source: Facebook page

A/B testing ads

If you want to increase results for your social media spend, then automate tracking for your social media A/B testing.

By doing a slight variation you can get your data on the fly, hence you can react or adapt at the moment.

Have a look at your stats if they say that the face-swap image of your mascot and CEO is trending then boost that post! By that of click-through ratio, who will dare to fire you?!

Automating systematic performance reports

“What do you not measure, you cannot manage” is the thing that neither RuPaul nor Uncle Ben said (which I know), yet it does not mean that it’s not the right thing. Assessing your past performance is the key to your success that improves your performance.

so,  very good that your Hootsuite Analytics helps you to pull the custom reports of performance from your page of Facebook. It can also form Excel, PDF, and CSV PowerPoint for you. You can share and review it with your staff members.

9 Facebook automation time-saving tools

Let’s think about this list in the form of your toolkit for Facebook automation.

Bonus: Download a guide for free that directs how you can turn the Facebook traffic to sale in simple four steps by Hootsuite.

Get the free guide right now!

The top Facebook automation software and tools are ones that save your time that you can invest in other important things.  You achieve things — such as in-depth collection and analysis of data that is not possible without AI.


Besides letting you upload in bulk and in the advance schedule over 350 posts, Hootsuite allows you to automate a lot of other tasks of Facebook management. You can set up a custom stream for social listening, and gain automatic reporting. You can access the high-quality content in a few seconds with the content library that helps you to create new content for your posts.

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Hootsuite Inbox

With  Hootsuite, you get access to the inbox, which helps you to manage all of your social media conversations (public and private) in just one place. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, the entire gang you find here.

Categorize or Tag messages, divide responses to staff, and most of all release the constant anxiety that lets something to you that you are going to fall among the cracks.


It can itself create several combinations of ad on the base of elements which you have tested, or you can also examine a pre-set combination. It is just like the A/B test tool for your ads on Facebook.

You can choose here your multiple or single audience to try your new ads. but, what would be your choice, it will work as a genuine power player.

Facebook Business Manager

It works as a one-stop-shop to handle your assets of the business—the real place for reporting and tracking the ad performances., you can give access to co-workers or partners to this.


If you are curious about chatbot then you just need to integrate the Chatfuel that will automate your inbox of Facebook. Bonus: that includes the interface of drag and drop: no coding necessary.


It works as an ultimate gossip yet in a better way: the monitoring instrument scans out the internet (including blogs and other sources) for your competitors, keywords, or brand and tracks them straight to your dashboard of Hootsuite.


It is an AI-based moderator for the content which hides and detects public complaints, spam, and hate. It allows gaining “only positive vibes”.


The Magento

The Magento Product Management plugin pulls products’ catalog onto Facebook that formatted neat-and-clean for the platform.


With IFTT you can get to play with your several accounts, technology, and platforms altogether. The programming of this tool takes you to get in-depth information, and you just need to form a series of chain reactions that begin with a single action.

Source: IFTTT

For instance, you can program to change your profile pic at Twitter whenever you make an update to your Facebook pic. You can also archive your status of Facebook at Google Drive if you are a nerd and only get satisfied by looking at your work in a simple spreadsheet (Many of us are like this!)

By using responsible social automation software or tool you can get the most out of your Facebook. While irresponsible use can take you to the spammer territory.

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