The success of your channel depends on YouTube engagement. When you get engaged correctly, you set up a realistic connection with your ….

When you get engaged correctly, you set up a realistic connection with your community and viewers in general. They’ll understand that they can trust you for providing the best content that delights and inform them—so they’ll award you for this content by converting and returning.

When you get failed to do it, then your audience becomes dissatisfied and frustrated. You’ll keep an eye on the ROI ratio for your campaign tanks of YouTube –which is a thing, you want to escape from at any cost.

The top 5 tips to enhance the number of YouTube engagement are described below.

What do you mean by YouTube engagement?

YouTube engagement means to perform any action on any of your video or your page of YouTube by your audience.

The most significant actions include:

  • These tell that how much a video resonates emotionally with the viewer. This can be a bad or good subject to the sentiment of viewers’ comments.
  • Dislikes and likes.These reveal either your viewers satisfied and enjoyed your content or not. It also shows that whether your content or video resonates with your Viewers or not.
  • Subscribers lost and gain.It is considered one of the best indicators to assess video quality. YouTube lets know its creators about the fact that whether content or video is going to attract the new followers or even turning off the old ones as well (get them unsubscribed).
  • This icon reveals that were and you often your viewers have shared your video or content. The sharing can be done on a lot of other social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc) or through platforms of messenger (WhatsApp, email, etc). Arguably, sharing is the most significant metric for calculating the YouTube engagement as it tells that how much engaging your video is that enforce people let others to see it.
  • Subscribers gained and lost.YouTube also allows creators to dive into whether a video resulted in attracting new followers, or turning off current followers (enough to unsubscribe). This metric is the clearest indicator of the quality of a video.

YouTube analytics are from one of the key elements that creators need to be considered regularly to obtain the best results from the YouTube channel. A complete data becomes helpful to inform you about the growth strategy of your channel.

What is the method of calculating the rate of YouTube Engagement?

Once a business expert named Peter Drucker said “If you are unable to calculate it, you are unable to get better it”.

By using the right formula, the engagement rate at YouTube can be the measure to a great extent. One of the best ways to measure it is to calculate the rate of engagement through reach (ERR).

It is the viewers’ percentage who got interacted with your content or video after watching it.

First, you need to use the formula (described below) for your multiple posts (5 posts are recommended most).

ERR = total engagements on per post / reach on per post * 100

After that, find out an average through summing up all ERRs from your posts of which you wish to get average then divide by posts’ numbers.

Average ERRS = ERR/number of posts

Voila! You only calculated your rate of engagement on YouTube. An ERR can provide you with a strong concept of how much all of your audiences are engaged with your videos (not only your viewers).

Top 5 Tips for Improving the rate of Engagement on YouTube

Some of the best practices to be followed for boosting the rate of engagement on YouTube are described below.

  1. Nail your thumbnail

The thumbnail of your video is debatably a basic determining element in the decision of viewers to see your content, particularly if they access you through their phone.

When the viewer browses videos, this is the very first thing that they see along with your title.

Therefore, this is not a way to just select an attractive shot and use it.

If it’s interesting obviously

You need to customize the thumbnail to ensure that it contains a strong, clear image that tells the potential viewers regarding your video though adding them in.

90% of the best performing YouTube videos include custom thumbnails.

Below are described some tips to make great thumbnails:

Adding text

If your video does not contain any eye-catching super imagery then you can add text of different styles in your thumbnail. Keep in mind that it serves as another title over your video. You can get the benefit of getting the attention of your viewers by using this opportunity.

“The Film Theorists” is an example of it which contains one of the best thumbnails on its YouTube channel.

All the thumbnails of “The Film Theorists” clearly show that the viewer can expect something interesting from its videos. Yet getting them to enforce for the click on a video.

You can also see how consistent the thumbnails are. All of them include the same bold font of red color along with its logo. It provides a huge advantage in branding and also allows your audience to quickly select your specific video from all others.

Use a rule of thirds

The key principle of photography is the use of a rule of thirds. It tells about the main idea that naturally a human eye is made to grab four basic points in an image

Source: Wikimedia

When you used to create a content/picture for your thumbnail, you need to keep this most significant aspect of considering these four points in your mind.

Some examples:

It is not any rule that used to be followed for creating a thumbnail. There a lot of other examples of the thumbnails that serve as the center of attention of its viewers. Yet, the basic point is to use a strong rule of thumb when creating your thumbnail.

Using accurate tools

To make an excellent thumbnail, you need to spend thousands of dollars on the software of photo editing and hundreds of hours’ training for its editing.

….that is the thing for which I say that making thumbnails is not an easy task.

In reality, there are a lot of free and great programs that can be helpful for you in creating beautiful content for social media.

One of these kinds of suggestions is Canva. This web app is used for graphic designs that you can use to make book covers, logos, infographics, etc.

And you can also create unlimited thumbnails on this.

This app contains pre-set picture sizes for each specific type of social media like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can design efficiently without getting worried about image specs.

This app is also beginners’ friendly, as there is no experience relating to graphic design for creating great thumbnails are required.

  1. Hold the dinner parties—as not like soapboxes

Not factually of course, except you ought to host the dinner party to your all YouTube subscribers.

The brands treat the engagement of social media in the form of a dinner party or a soapbox.

Dinner parties include the brands which invite their viewers for a conversation and get engaged with them. These brands listen carefully to what their viewers tell them and then react according to their behavior. The good host of the dinner party becomes aware of their guests’ requirements well.

Soapboxes include those accounts on social media which focus them. They exist just like a place where brands promote their services and products—while overlooking any customer interaction, data, and metric.

If you need to have the dinner pages on your YouTube site –and not the soapboxes then you should know about your audience too. This is the only way through which you can spend more time involving yourself to work for your viewer’s desires, pain points, and needs.

For what are your viewers struggling with? What do they want from your videos to the delight to inform them about?

For your help, we have made an inclusive guide for conducting the audience research that will help you to know about the audience of your YouTube channel on a deep level.

Consider it: Are your buddies ready to engage along with you when you get them to invite at the dinner party? Or else if you howl at them regarding everything that you had been going to do for a few past weeks through your soapbox?

  1. Respond (strategically) to the trends

For your audience, YouTube trending events are a big source of content. They are not just the ways of providing some fun videos to your audience yet they also provide a way to enhance the awareness relating to your brand.

The more individuals get to know about your brand, the more likely they’ll get to engage with your brand. Obviously, how would they share and like your videos until or unless they get to know who are you?

One of the big examples which come from this trend I used to say “experts react”. One of the examples is showed below from GQ:

In all these videos, experts on the subject matter react on TV shows and movies which subject in the action. Whereas GQ includes a full series that contain these videos, they are not certainly ones who jumped towards this trend.

One of the best examples from the WIRED is mentioned here.

Even small makers have got over trends to great success:

Do we mean from that the brand ought to scramble and need to do the video containing “expert reacts”? No. until or unless you find it out you can never know about:

  1. The things your viewers want to watch
  2. The things that work actually for your services and brands.

(So you should not expect the Hootsuite to provide a “experts react on to the use of social media in movies” the video soon anytime.)

Yet if a trend looks like to fit in both criteria, through all means, then go with it! and also have fun in doing so.

  1. Work in partnership with other makers

It does nothing if you try to increase the number of subscribers on a podcast, newsletter, or YouTube channel. The best method to increase your follower or viewer is to get them engaged with your created videos. This can be done through work in partnership with other makers.

It is the fact that the loyal audience trust to their creators to whom they subscribe. Therefore, they first subscribe to them, and if you work in partnership with them or make a collaboration with them. They’ll provide you with benefits in the form of an instant increase in your viewership even if they do not get familiar with your brand.

This thing must also keep in mind that you cannot make collaborate with anyone. But you need to find out the best brand in your industry for collaboration.

The best example of it is: When Simone Giertz, a You Tuber appeared on the Tested channel of Adam Savage.

In this case, both the creators used to build interesting things. While Simone makes crazy robots and Savage makes different things that include movie props and massive Nerf guns. When combining both ones get the best collaborative moments.

  1. Use the correct tools

According to an adage:

“Work smarter, not harder”.

Tools such as Hootsuite let you track the performance and publish videos on YouTube through comprehensive dashboard analytics. It allows you to determine which content your viewer likes the most that also saves your time.

The Hoot suite’s comment moderation of the YouTube tool provides another big feature for the YouTube engagement. It let you see all of the video’s comments as well as let you remove if you want.

It let you look at all upcoming comments on your specific video. These comments can also be deleting or approve by you before publishing, this is a big thing which ensures you that you are only engaged with the quality instead of non-spam or fabricated comments.

A video is shown in the following which reveals how the tool of comment moderation works.

It also happens that you get easily lots of love and engagement for your video on YouTube and wish to repay the love through your work, and then Hootsuite is the best solution for it too. Just find out other videos on YouTube in the streamlines and get engage with many other makers through commenting, subscribing, and liking their content—do it all without leaving your dashboard.

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