The analytics tools used for social media networks help you find which of your strategies work best for you and where can you spend your income for better results.

The analytics tools used for social media show you of which strategies and tactics are working well and which need to improve or remove. It helps you to better use your effort, budget, and time.

Analytics tools also help you create performance reports of social media that you share with your boss, team, and stakeholders.

This article will inform you about the best social analytics free tools along with a few more vigorous paid options. It will also tell how you can use them more effectively to improve and analyze the results.

Bonus: Get an analytics report template of social media for free that helps you to track the most important metrics for all networks.

Top 13 social media analytics tools

1. Hootsuite Analytics

Basic benefits: help to get performance data of each social media channel in just one place in the form of understandable reports.

Paid tool

Most of the social media management networks have their built-in tools of analytic. We hope you do not mind when we say that Hootsuite capabilities for reporting are our most favorite…

This tool provides you a complete picture where all your efforts of social media gather in just one place. This tool simplifies your analytics work of social media, saves time, and helps you to aggregate results in all networks.

You can see metrics for every social media post, which includes:

  • Comments
  • Clicks
  • Shares
  • Reach
  • Video reach
  • Video views

You can also see stats for your every profile including follower growth metrics. You have another choice of selecting your most concerned metrics so you can get instant relevant results.

You have a facility to use a customizable template to analyze, check, and track your performance for every social media network. You only need to make one click to export the reports to PowerPoint, CSV, or Excel. Since the result appears in the form of an easy to use, and clear analytics report that you can share with your boss, your clients, and your team.

Hootsuite Analytics tool gives a clear view of performance metrics of social media teams including:

  • Response time
  • Productivity
  • Resolution time to assigned posts, comments, and mentions.

Do you want to learn how Hootsuite Analytics helps you to power your social media strategy? Then Download the info sheet on the basic five things that you can do to the Hootsuite Analytics Suite for building stronger connections with your customers.

This Tool includes in Hootsuite professional plan, from where you can get it free for one month.

  1. Google Analytics

Basic benefit: identify how many leads and traffic flow towards your site from your network of social media.

Free tool

We know Google Analytics to be an excellent tool to know about visitors to your website.

It is not a reporting tool of social media but you may set up it to form reports and it helps you:

  • find which platforms of social media give you more traffic
  • find which works best of which network of social media
  • make sure that you attract the right target market on the base of your demographic data
  • Determine how much information, lead and conversations your company get from the social network (trials, signups, email, sales inquiries, etc.)
  • Calculate ROI for your campaigns of social media.

This data enables you to get more from your campaigns of social media and helps you to make effective strategies for your future.

  1. UTM parameters

Basic benefit: view how many conversations and traffic your campaigns and networks of social media generate (that can be used with other analytics platforms such as Google Analytics)

Free tool

Besides a social media analytics tool, UTM Parameters helps you to set up another tool named Google Analytics (which is best to measure social performance).

UTM parameters help to find how many individuals interact and engage with your posts’ content and stop using your website. The above screenshot showed that UTM parameters provide everything which comes after a question mark.

This tool is not of your use if you are concerned regarding reporting of your social performance only (of followers or engagement, etc.) Yet if you need to take your analysis on the next level, then Google Analytics +UTN Parameters provide you more accurate data where social media channels and content drive conversation and traffic.

You do not worry about writing code to add them over your posts of social media, either. When you use social management platforms such as Hootsuite, you find it easy to generate code automatically in a few seconds.

  1. Hootsuite Insights powered by Brandwatch

Basic benefits: analyze customer demographics and brand sentiments in a real-time

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This is the most powerful tool of social listening, which doubles in the form of an analytic tool. This tool analyzes your social mentions from which you can learn about social sentiment. It means that word clouds give you the visual representation of what people say of your business or brand online.

This tool lets you analyze data of your audience demographics. The basic details of the audience include language, location, and gender. You have the facility to compare the demographic of all networks or take a joint view of the audience by aggregating information of all networks.

This complete information provides you a clear view regarding people of how they feel of your brand. This information is very critical for an effective report of social media analytics. The data comes from Hootsuite Insight clearly explained to you whether a hype in mentions results from a success or a disaster gets.

Why do you analyze social media conversations about your brand? it discloses basic opportunities to approach your target audience while they also spend their time talking about your product or brand.

This tool is also helpful for market analysis. It tracks conversations that occur on the new forum, blogs, and site, along with social networks. It provides you a complete set of analytics information from all over the social web.

5. Brandwatch

Basic benefits: Analyze and track data from over 95 million sources which include forums, review sites, and blogs, along with social media networks.

Paid tool

This powerful tool provides five analytics report templates of social media:

  • Summary:A large view of social media conversations about your keywords, brand, or competitors.
  • Trends:A report of accounts and conversations which influencing a particular hashtag or topic, including mentions in one minute or hour.
  • Reputation:A check over sentiment trends that you need to address or check.
  • Influencers:Reports which help you recognize relevant influencers for your brand.
  • Competitor comparison:prepare benchmarking reports for sentiments, conversation volume, along with a share of voice.

    6. Talkwalker

Basic benefits: Check conversations from over 150 million sources to analyze comments, potential reach, sentiment, emotions, and engagement.

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Talkwalker provides analytics of social media conversations farther than your personal social media properties, including:

  • Brand sentiment
  • Author lists
  • Important influencers
  • Mentions

You may filter by demographics, device, content, region, and more.

This tool is helpful to spot peaks in the conversation of your brand. it helps you decide the best times for your brand to post on social media.

7. Hootsuite Impact

Basic benefits: learn how paid and organic social impact to real business objectives and give suggestions on how to improve.

Paid tool

Hootsuite Impact gives you detailed information about the performance of your paid and organic social posts. Then it compares the results of performance for specific business objectives such as leads and sales generated. It suggests actions for the improvement of your results.

This tool integrates with other tools like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, and with your accounts of ads over several platforms. It provides you a complete view of your campaign results and posts in one place. By using this paid and organic analytic tool, you need not collect data from different tools to generate analytics reports of social media.

This tool helps you to know about the total revenue that you generate through social efforts, and in short, it may prove your social ROI. Remember this that ROI is not just your income generated from the business. This tool provides you with a custom formula for ROI calculation that developed according to your business. It gives you the most realistic and relevant analytics information of your brand.

Through this, you can know how you can duplicate your success and make an improvement in your areas of weaknesses.

To get the best insight by social analytics, knowledge of how other entities of your field or industry compare. This tool compares the results of your company against your competitors and tells you how you can avail opportunities to improve.

8. Facebook Analytics

Basic benefits: find how an audience gets engaged with your page of Facebook, understand your target audience, and track your ad performance at Facebook.

Free tools

Source: Facebook

There three basic built-in tools of social media analytics on Facebook. Since they all regard as a single tool.

Below we discuss the focal points for each of these three analytics tools of Facebook.

  • Facebook Page Insights: post and page engagement, story reach and post, responsiveness, recommendations, followers’ growth, earnings and orders, video views, when your followers or viewers are online and competitor benchmarking.
  • Facebook Audience Insights:To both of your overall audience and existing audience, find demographic factors such as gender, age, relationship status, job title, hobbies and interests, life events along with other pages of Facebook that they like.
  • Facebook Ad Center:people reached, link clicks, post engagement, and  Ad spend

    9. Twitter Analytics

Basic benefits: understand your organic and paid twitter posts’ performance and learn how other users of Twitter have the potential to magnify your content.

Free tool

Source: Twitter

We divide it into three basic parts, these parts include 1) Account Home, 2) the Tweeter activity dashboard,3) the campaign dashboard. What you find in each part is described below.

  • Account home:it provides you monthly highlights. You can find your twitter accounts’ top followers, top mentions, and top tweets here. It gives you a snapshot of your excellent performing content and identifies potential brand ambassadors or influencers.
  • Tweet activity dashboard:it tracks impressions and engagement over your tweets for the selected period. For getting more data, you need to click on any Tweet that may include link clicks, video views, replies, retweets, and more. By clicking on Top Tweets, you can also get your best-performing tweets’ list along with complete metrics.
  • Campaign dashboard:you can track your ads of Twitter and the metrics include reach, impressions, cost per action, and engagement rate. By setting up conversion tracking, you can access details of how your ads generate conversions over your website.

    10. Instagram Insights

Basic benefits: Learn gets Instagram audience’s demographics and track your Instagram stories and posts performance.

The free tool, Available to creator and business accounts

Creator and Business and accounts use this tool to track activity and audience and metrics. We separate its information into three sections:

  • Content: Track how stories and posts work with metrics such as replies, sticker taps, and likes.
  • Activity:find out how many individuals see your stories and posts. You can also view how they find your specific content, and how many times they get interacted with it.
  • Audience:find about the demographics of your audience and view of when most likely use Instagram.

    11. Snapchat Insights

Basic benefits: learn about your snap chat content’ reach and your audience.

The free tool, Available only to Snapchat Stars and users with a huge number of followers

As described above, this tool is only available to those users who have a huge number of followers. but, Snapchat does not define a specific number for it. Yet if you want to check for it, then go at your profile and look for insights choice.

Here are some key metrics that you track with your Snapchat Insights:

  • Views:Determine the number of people who view your snaps along with for how long.
  • Reach: How many views your gain per day, plus completion rate and average time of views.
  • Audience: Identify lifestyle categories and top interest of your audience along with top areas where located.

    12. Pinterest Analytics

Basic benefits: find your audiences’ interest by tracking key metrics through organic and paid pins

Free tool

This tool categorizes into two major parts which are Pinterest Analytics and Audience insights. The key details which you can analyze and track with each include:

  • Audience Insights:Interests and categories, age, gender, affinity, advice, and location.
  • Pinterest Analytics:Track metrics such as engagements, video views, links clicks, and impressions. You can also get Pinterest for specific stats such as closeups and saves.

You can get this info for paid pins, organic pins, and your all Pinterest content.

13. LinkedIn Analytics

Basic benefits: know who visits your page of LinkedIn and check the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts and posts.

The free tool, available only to admins of Page

Source: LinkedIn

The data under LinkedIn analytics is divided into three areas which are: updates, visitors, and followers. Here is what you track and measure under these areas:

  • Updates: Track reactions, impressions, shares, comments, and engagement for organic and paid posts.
  • Visitors:Track the number of people who visit your page. Identify their demographics along with job function, device type, seniority, industry, and location.
  • Followers: identify the same demographic information but for your followers

How to measure success through using social media analytics

Now you become aware of how to collect and track your social analytics. The next step is important where you learn how to effectively use this information to determine success and improve the social media strategy.

The three simple steps for this process are:

  1. Set SMART objectives

The setting aim is a significant part of social media strategy.  The analytics provides significant data in goal setting steps. The SMART aim works well with your analytics-based reporting and goal setting.

Remember, your SMART aim is:

  • Measurable
  • Specific
  • Relevant
  • Achievable
  • Timely

The data got from social analytics gives you the basis for further work. It lets you understand where your social results stand at present. It also provides you with information about how things get changed as time passes. You can use this data and information to create significant objectives that give a challenge for your team, yet it needs to be achievable.

Need any help for setting meaningful objectives? Check out how to set goals for social media.

  1. Track and share the results

Social analytics tools let you find how well you are going to progress against your goals.

It is important info that needs to share with your organization and team who make resource decisions and budget. Don’t forget to show them you met the goals that can help you to confirm their hard work which they put on social media.

Sometimes you may struggle to meet the objectives. It is an enormous opportunity by which you can come to know how you can overcome your weaknesses and make more resources to work.

reporting and tracking the key metrics inform you earlier of any change comes soon.

  1. Test and refine your strategy

The analytics tools give you a clear view of which of your content works well and which falls. You also understand the crucial details of your audience.

The data you got in this way enables you to analyze how well the social media strategy works for you. You can easily unveil your insights at any time. This helps you to refine your link with your viewers and enable you to work more effectively.

You may also learn that at which time your audience makes responses for you. You may also find that at what time you get more GIFs or you may also know how different your audience is than twitter’s audience. In this way, you can make strategies in creating your new content for each network.

Free social media analytics report template

You can get access to free report templates of social media analytics, which you can utilize to gather data on your performance on several social media networks.

Bonus: Get a free social media analytics report template that shows you the most important metrics to track for each network.

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